Edward Dwurnik, respected Polish artists, having an exhibition at the National!

On the occasion of 70th birthday of the artist the National Museum in Krakow organized a large retrospective exhibition of nearly 150 works and prints. Edward Dwurnik is one of the most popular and respected Polish artists.

He is foremost a painter - seeing and perceiving the world as a painter. He says that he would get insane if would stop painting, so painting is his way of life, a pure necessity.

Over nearly half a century Dwurnik painted nearly 5,000 images, created about 14 000 works on paper, and almost 3500 images. Very early developed his own recognizable and legible artistic language, and earned the recognition of viewers and collectors.

Critics have written that his paintings resemble "cartoons reporting on contemporary events" that "bends over homely reality" is the "chronicler". Dwurnik achieved commercial and financial success. also he had an impact on some young Polish artists. Another great Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal doesn't hide that Dwurnik impressed him with a few of the paintings.

Presented at the National Museum in Krakow works have been arranged chronologically, so you can see the continuity of certain themes in the art of the artist.

Exhibition: March 23 - June 9, 2013 Main Building, al. May 3 1 - Department of the National Museum in Krakow, Variables Exhibition Hall, Ground floor

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