30 Best Polish Contemporary Painters

1. Andrzej Wroblewski (1927-1957) - a legend of the modern Polish painting. Polish auction record is 308 000 PLN, estimates New York Sotheby \ 's are at least 25 000 USD. Wroblewski’s legacy is of more than 150 oil paintings, more than 1 400 drawings, watercolors and gouache, 84 monotypes, 65 prints.

2. JerzyNowosielski (b. 1923) - painter, illustrator and stage designer. Combines the tradition of sacred art and realism. Master of portrait and act, simplicity, depth and feeling. "Girls on the ship"  sold at auction in Poland on March 7, 2013 for the price of 100 000 EUR.

3. George Tchorzewski (1928-1999) - first of all abstractionist, the creator of "abstract figuration". André Breton includes him in the mainstream of the surrealists. Great compositions, most lavish structures. Images also extremely lively and juicy with contrasting textures. Images of Tchorzewski increasingly appear on the market, with increasingly higher prices (around 60 000 PLN and more).

4. Stefan Gierowski (b. 1925) - the first significant appearance on the famous exhibition at the Arsenale (1955), was associated with the Warsaw legendary Crooked Circle Gallery. Since 1957 Gierowski called his works Paintings and gives them the Roman numbers. Images of Gierowski are certainly undervalued. Image: Untitled, 1963, oil on canvas - auction price: 20,000 USD, other images in the price of about 13,400 USD.

5. Kazimierz Mikulski (1918-1998) - for 30 years he was a designer at Burlesque Theatre in Cracow. His paintings are very lyrical, surreal and somewhat naive. Priced around 34,000 USD.

6. Tadeusz Brzozowski (1918-1987) images steeped in allusion organics like torn flesh and the skin move to the world of stains, which opened reveal their secrets and layers. Allusive abstraction, but never literal. Auction prices of around 12 000 USD.

 7. Alfred Lenica (1899-1977) - avant-garde, began as a student of economics. Also musician. Learned painting privately, quickly began to exhibit. Subject to different inspirations - cubism, expressionism, surrealism, finally tachist - in 1958 developed his distinctive style, consisting of covering the canvas with several layers of color and then removing the paint spatula. Priced around 12 000 USD. 

8. Jan Szancenbach (1928-1998) - wonderful paintings of a peaceful, balanced look, although very disciplined and sophisticated composition. Paintings very rich in color and structure. Priced around 10 000 USD.

9. Alexander Kobzdej (1920-1972) - Initially, one of the leading
painters of socialist realism, later painter and creator of the material properties of a combination of video and sculpture. Priced around 5 000 USD.

10. Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990) - painter, founder of the world-famous theater. Being a legend during his lifetime, remained a legend and a symbol of Krakow. Today his works are rare and priced around 10,000 USD.

11. Jan Tarasin (b. 1926) - paintings sometimes integrate different elements. Usually it's dark characters on a bright, soft and pastel backgrounds. Not appreciated by the market, priced around 5,000 USD.

12. Tadeusz Dominik (born 1928) - brought a distinctive, decorated in a style expressive and spontaneous informal painting style. His works were also enriched texture effects. There are also decorative elements, rhythmic repetition. Priced around 5,000 USD.

13. Henryk Stażewski (1894-1988) - an outstanding representative and co-founder of Polish abstract art. In Paris belonged to famous groups Abstraction-Création and the Cercle et Carré. Very characteristic relief compositions with high compositional discipline over time have become freer. Superbly operate sophisticated colors, the play of light and shadow, showed paradoxes and homogeneity of space and color. He created the mural paintings, interior design, posters, ceramics. Priced around  8,000 USD.

14. Jan Lebenstein (1930-1999) - in 1959 he won the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris for the first Biennale of Young Artists in Paris and moved there permanently. In the 60s created \ "Bestiary \", a series of creatures, then the human figures and a fantastic, involved in mythological and dreamlike scenes, all fueled by the erotic. Very limited colors, cool. Priced around 5,000 USD.

15. Maria Jarema (1908-1958) - sculptor, painter, set designer. Painted in tempera, gouache and watercolor small, distinctive compositions observation of nature, interpreting it and even grotesquely deformed. Compositions very expressive, anthropomorphic.
16. Stanislaw Fijałkowski (b. 1922) - painter and graphic artist. Priced around 7,000 USD.

17. Zdzislaw Beksinski (b. 1929) - an architect, is a self-taught painter. He was involved in photography. Created abstract paintings, compositions surreal and distorted, steeped in death and life. Priced around 7,000 USD.

18. Andrzej Fogtt (b. 1950) - at the beginning belongs to the so-called new figuration, later offered his own language. His paintings covered with expressive color spots created an illusion of three-dimensional space. He used a special - mixed with dust magnet - paint, which placed on the picture gives the impression of vibrating in the matter. Priced around 4,000 USD.

19. Jerzy Duda-Gracz (1941-2004) - illustrator, designer, professor, journalist and at the same time extremely prolific painter. Lyrical paintings and landscapes. Priced around 6,000 USD.

20. Stefan Artur Nacht-Samborski (1898-1974) - the master of the great paintings hidden in the privacy of capturing the culture of color, simplicity theme, composition, great peace, and at the same subtle charm. Priced around 5,000 USD.

21.  Eugene Eibisch (1896-1987) - a great classic, colorist. Paintings juicy, almost baroque. His better known works are in major international collections. Priced around 12,000 USD.

22. Jerzy Wolff (1902-1985) - painter, essayist, priest. He painted an intimate, delicate landscapes often small formats. Inner peace and affirmation of the world. Underestimated. Priced around 1,300 USD.

23. Roman Owidzki (1912-2009) - abstract compositions, oil. Analyst, blessed with the gift of synthesis, appealing in his compositions that folds inside a mystery. Priced around 8,000 USD.

24. Teresa Pagowska (b. 1926) - her paintings are recognized immediately - figurative, often operate stain raw canvas, very sophisticated compositionally. Priced around 3,200 USD.

25. Jacek Sienicki (1928-2000) - his painting was stretched between figurativism, often with great dramatic character and the need for abstraction. The limited range of topics. Priced around  7,700 USD.

26. Kiejstut Bereźnicki (b. 1935) – priced  around 6,700 USD.

27. Jonas Stern (1904-1989) - priced  around 1,500 USD.

28. Czeslaw Rzepiński (1905-1995) - priced  around 2,500 USD.

29. Vaclav Taranczewski (1903-1987) - priced  around 4, 200 USD.

30. Jan Dobkowski (b. 1942) - priced  around  4,700 USD.

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